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(1) product and service quality

We adhere to the "service is the pursuit of zero defect products, forever the pursuit of zero defect" concept, the active adoption of international general technical standards and safety, environmental protection norms, strict enforcement of the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard ", "consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law" and other laws and regulations, according to the professional production and management, establish and improve the product quality management system, perfect customer after-sales service system and technical service system, effectively improve the quality of the products and projects. 

(2) safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees and harmonious labor relations 

In accordance with the labor contract law, the implementation of the labor contract law regulations and other laws and regulations, the company actively implements the labor contract law, effectively standardize the employment behavior.Timely renew the contract with the employee whose contract expires as required. The modification, renewal, termination and rescission of the labor contract are all legal and standard.The company also regularly gives employees physical examination, and the rest and vacation of workers, labor protection, welfare treatment and other included in the labor contract, so that the rights and interests of workers' labor security rights, health rights and other rights and interests have been fundamental maintenance. 

(3) environmental protection

Green card can company to research and development, production, sales of photovoltaic products, the company's slogan is "keep green mountains and rivers, keep the blue sky and white clouds".Take the use of a 20-tube solar water heater as an example: compared with the use of the same capacity of electric water heater, the daily power saving is at least 5 degrees.According to the data, the annual available solar hot water days in guizhou are 250 days. According to the calculation, the annual energy saving and emission reduction effect of using a 20-pipe solar water heater is 1250 degrees of power saving and 562.5 yuan of electricity expense saving.Carbon dioxide emission reduction 1246 kg, carbon emission 340 kg;Reducing sulfur dioxide by 37.5 kg and nitrogen oxide by 18.75 kg;Save 500 kilograms of standard coal.Company now has annual output of 100000 sets of low sunshine solar water heater automatic production lines, annual output of 50000 sets of low air of sunlight can automatic production lines, annual output of 50000 sets of low sunlight balcony wall-mounted solar water heater production line automation, low power station a, sunlight, to say the company has been actively fulfill the important task of protecting ecological environment.

In terms of engineering construction, the design scheme of the company takes full account of environmental factors to minimize the damage to the environment, so as to achieve harmony and harmony between human and nature.

(4) implementation records of public welfare undertakings

In terms of social public welfare undertakings, the company has donated goods and materials to poverty-stricken townships, units, social organizations and organizations, as well as public welfare education, with a total amount of one million yuan.The company's enthusiasm for public welfare causes make the corporate image and social reputation has been constantly improved.We should give full play to our brand advantages, shoulder responsibilities bravely, contribute to the society, and show our political consciousness, social responsibility, strong strength and responsible social image as a high-tech enterprise to the society with our practical actions.

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