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Address: Green Energy Industrial park, Lvyin Lake ,Duyun City, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Ethnic Prefecture, Guizhou Province.

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Support 1: Brand support

Brand advantages:Guizhou Green Energy focus on solar energy for 20 years, is a  is a comprehensive hi-tech Enterprise devotes to production,sale,development and research.The enterprise has passed iso9001:2008 international quality system certification, iso14001:2004 international environmental management system certification, OHSMS18001, 1999 occupational health management system certification, China's mandatory product (3C) certification,Get "guizhou province high and new technology enterprise", "guizhou province famous brand products", "guizhou province famous trademark", "provincial-level contracts and keep promise unit", "guizhou province spark plan supported by the science products", "guizhou province department of innovation fund support products", "national ministry of science and technology innovation fund support products" such as more than 30, established a good reputation and market infrastructure.

Regional exclusive authorization: qualified by the company's examination, signed a regional exclusive agency contract with franchisee customers and granted franchisee the certificate of regional exclusive agency.

Brand promotion: unified green card store entrance, VI image design, decoration standards;Multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-media enterprise news publicity, improve brand image;

National free and intimate service hotline, customer sales in front, enterprise service closely followed, cohesion of popularity, brand reputation guarantee.

Support 2: product support

Product diversification: products include three series of photothermal, heat pump, photovoltaic, more than 30 categories of products;

Wide application scope: the product application scope covers household, engineering, industry, agriculture, municipal administration, real estate and many other fields, with great market potential;

Quality assurance: the company has world-class production equipment and a number of automatic production lines, according to the international certification and testing standards, from raw materials into the factory to the finished product factory, through 100 quality inspection standards, to ensure that customers use is high-quality;

Research and development guarantee: it has low-sunshine solar power station, postdoctoral workstation, enterprise technology center and serial product laboratory, nearly 100 patented technologies, low-sunshine patented technology application, effectively improve the photothermal, photoelectric conversion rate of products, improve the thermal efficiency of products;

Support 3: policy support

First purchase, enjoy the series of opening goods support;

Prototype support, one-step shop in place;

Decoration support, to create a new store image;

Opening publicity support, local media publicity;

Transportation support, products to the store door;

After - sales service vehicle support, image and efficiency synchronization, intimate to users

Support 4: marketing support

Green card can, from the store location, decoration and purchase, inventory management, publicity and promotion, activities, etc., the company provides professional guidance, and franchisee together to carry out market sales, quickly start the market, to ensure win-win manufacturers;

Provide regular and irregular professional training to franchisee personnel according to franchisee's needs;

According to the characteristics of each franchisee market, the Marketing Department of the company tailor-made promotion plan;

Regularly hold franchisee conferences, award excellent franchisees, exchange and learn, share cases, and improve franchisee's ability;

Support 5: engineering support

One-stop start: franchisee only needs to collect project information to the company for filing, the company will provide scheme design, commercial bidding, business negotiation, engineering installation, maintenance guidance, after-sales service, one-stop professional technical support;

Back-to-back cooperation: for special projects (franchisee has relationship, no technology, lack of funds projects), franchisee can apply to the company for support, after the company evaluation qualified, by the company to provide financial support and agreed to share interests;


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