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Our company has obtained grade C qualification of solar engineering design and construction

Release date:2014-05-13 Author: Click:

As an admission certificate to enter the solar energy engineering market, qualification has become an important condition for enterprises to show their strength and participate in market competition. Recently, we learned from the 2014 solar thermal utilization engineering design and construction qualification examination and approval meeting that our company has been awarded the grade C qualification of solar engineering design and construction. This is a good corporate image of our company, strong technical strength and perfect design, construction engineering system of full affirmation.

China rural energy industry association and China energy conservation association organized an expert evaluation group to examine and approve the second batch of 56 enterprises that applied for the design and construction qualification of solar thermal utilization project (trial) in accordance with the relevant administrative provisions of "measures on the administration of solar thermal utilization project design and construction qualification (trial)". After the review of the expert group, a total of 56 enterprises have passed the qualification review. Among them, there are 3 a-level qualifications; Class B quality capital 38; Grade C capital 15.

At the same time, the implementation of the "solar thermal utilization engineering design, construction qualification management measures (trial)" will help strengthen the self-discipline of the solar thermal utilization engineering industry, maintain the order of the solar thermal utilization engineering design and construction market, ensure the quality of the design and construction, and achieve the design effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. Our company will make persistent efforts, with a more professional attitude, serious and practical work, strive to create the best quality project, establish a good corporate image, create a strong brand.

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