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Major cold approaching

Release date:2016-01-21 Author: Click:

The national meteorological center issued three warnings at 6:00 am on January 21: yellow alert for snow, blue alert for cold wave and yellow alert for strong winds at sea. At the same time, in order to cope with the severe climate situation, guizhou green card technology industry co., LTD. After-sales department issued a notice, requiring all solar users to take appropriate measures, do a good job in winter solar after-sales cold prevention work, to ensure the safety of winter solar energy, to avoid because of weather conditions caused by the user's prejudice against solar energy.

"Green Energy" solar water heater winter antifreeze method:

Low winter temperatures, in such an environment, vacuum tube solar water heater and tank because have protective measures will not be frozen, but if the pipe heat preservation do bad, in areas such as the pipe bending, a wall in is especially easy to freeze, and even cause cracking leakage, forming a waterfall ice, due to the solar water heater is generally installed on the roof, water leakage, the icy conditions will damage the appearance of the building, to other tenants, and the solar energy water heater how to prevent frostbite? Let's take a look at the following:

1.first of all, do a comprehensive inspection

Before the arrival of winter, the user should have to do a comprehensive inspection of solar water heater, key check whether the pipe outlet of screw loosening, pipes with and without disconnect, leakage, cracking and other conditions, such as found in check the problem, or find out the anti-freezing device of solar water heater and pipe insulation material has been damaged, must be timely maintenance, so as to avoid small problems cause big trouble.

2.according to the weather conditions to choose the water time

When winter USES solar energy water heater, want to decide the time that adds water according to weather chill degree, if outdoor temperature is in 0 above, can consider to add water that night, if outdoor temperature is in 0 below, had better choose next morning to add water again, be frozen in order to prevent outlet place.

3.dripping antifreeze method:

Did not install the solar energy water heater that accompanies tropics, if encounter weather colder, can open hot water sprinkler head or faucet, place a birdbath below, hot water valve loosens a bit, make its slow drip water, in order to maintain the water flow inside conduit, prevent conduit frost to crack, the discharge of a basin of water commonly can avoid conduit frost to block.

4.air anti - freeze method

If encounter temperature too low weather or if solar energy water heater does not use for a long time, need to close the water valve on water heater, empty water heater and the water in fluctuation pipeline, lest because air temperature is too low, water lacks circulation and bring about conduit to wait for frost crack.

5.Pipe freezing treatment

Winter, the pipes freeze is very common things, such as found that the pipe has been frozen but pipeline has not cracking, general can automatically open after the rise of temperature, also can use hair dryer drying blow, or take a towel wrapped around the pipe, and then use warm water to douse slowly, must not roasted with fire, flood, tap on a pipe or with boiled water very hot, so can make the pipe burst, many frozen wall frost crack easily, so we need therefore strengthen the pipe heat preservation measures.

The above is about the solar water heater antifreeze method, hope to help you!

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